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Print-and-Apply Labelling Systems

Martek's range of print-and-apply labellers includes both industrial systems for high-throughput applications and simple, low-cost systems for light-industrial use.







Ventus 610A Plus

Ventus Industrial Print-and-Apply Systems

Comprehensive range of print-and-apply systems for high volume and high precision labelling applications. The Ventus range includes versions with blow, wipe, tamp, tamp-blow, front, back and corner-wrap applicator modules. In addition a 2-side pallet version is available. All Ventus systems may be installed with a SATO or Valentin print engine.

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Collamat print-and-apply

Collamat High-Speed Print-and-Apply Systems

For high throughput applications, Collamat print-and-apply systems separate printing and application functions to allow labels to be applied at the same time as other labels are being printed. SATO and Valentin print engines can be used.

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Godex print-and-apply system

Godex Low-Cost Print-and-Apply Systems

For many applications, the cost of a Ventus or Collamat print-and-apply system cannot be justified however hand-labelling remains time-consuming and inprecise. For these applications a simple Godex print-and-apply system can provide the perfect answer. Labels are printed on a Godex EZ-2000 series printer and applied to the product using a simple applicator arm making a very cost-effective solution.

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