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Datalogic UV-LASE laser coder


Datalogic UV-LASE laser coder





Datalogic UV-LASE Series

UV-LASE uses an ultraviolet wavelength (355nm) laser source to perform 'cold marking' on difficult substrates such as glass, coatings and non-doped plastics. Cold marking allows these materials to be marked without damaging the surface.

The reduction in distortion and heat affected zones (HAZs) makes the UV-LASE especially well suited for use in critical applications such as aeronautical, aerospace and medical fields.

Datalogic Lighter Suite software provides a powerful yet easy to use editor for creating marking images. Text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be included in marking messages. Graphics can be included as vector (outline) or raster (bitmap) depending on the required result.

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