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NG Series Label Applicator Series








Collamat NG Series label applicator


Key Features

  • 100, 180 & 250mm wide models
  • Heavy duty die cast body
  • +/-0.5mm accuracy
  • 400mm label roll unwinder
  • Print-and-apply options
  • 50 and 100m/min versions


High-Specification Label Applicator Series

The Collamat NG series has been designed to meet the most demanding labelling application, where high precision at high speed is required. The NG series traction unit case is built entirely from cast aluminium for use in the harshest industrial environments. The electronic controller allows label parameters to be saved for individual label jobs and quickly recalled for quick changeover between products.
100, 180 and 250mm wide models
400mm diameter label roll capacity
Die-cast aluminium traction unit
Detachable electronic control panel with individual job parameter storage


The 400mm diameter supply roll allows long label rolls to be used giving fewer stoppages to change label rolls. A 400mm diamter rolly typically contains 80% more labels than a 300mm diameter roll. Due to the heavy-duty build, all NG series models including 250mm wide models will accept 400mm diameter label rolls weighing up to 35Kg.

For print-and-apply applications, a thermal transfer coder or print engine can be built into the system either when intially installed or at a later date.

If the applicator is installed in an inaccessible position the control panel can removed and relocated to allow easy access to labelling parameters.

When using different label types and materials, the self-teach function ensures the applicator automatically sets the label sensor sensitivity.

Intelligent speed matching allows the NG series to adjust labelling speed in real time so the label dispense speed changes to match the line speed even during the application phase. This allows high precision to be maintained even whilst line speeds are changing and allows stop-start operation.

Non-stop operation chan be achieved by using two NG applicators installed in slave-master configuration. When a fault condition e.g. web break or low labels is deected in the Master applicator, the Slave applicator automatically starts labelling.

Options are also available for sensing web break and low label conditions with contrtol output and warning beacon connections.

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