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Key Features

  • RFID tag encoding
  • Advanced database integration
  • All common 1D and 2D codes
  • Advanced field handling
  • Complex integration tools


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Comprehensive Label Design Software

Comprehensive labelling software for professional barcode label creation. Includes database support for all common database formats, linked and concatenated fields and NicePrint module to simplify label printing for operators.

Extensive Database Integration

By linking label templates to data stored in a database it is quick and easy to create label templates that access label infomration from the database rather than creating many individual label designs. Any changes to the template only need to be made once... to the template rather than over and over again for each label design. OLE/ODBC support allows linking to all commonly used database formats.

Variable Manipulation

In addition to sequential numbers, prompted fields, time and datestamps, variables may also be concatenated and linked to allow complex variables to be produced. For example it is possible to generate serial numbers that combine the date and a sequential number.

Easy Printing

The NicePrint module presents operators with an easy-to-use interface for printing labels without the need to access label design software. A real-time preview of the label is displayed to prevent printing errors.

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