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  • UBS high resolution inkjet printers
    UBS high resolution inkjet printers
  • Carl Valentin label printers
    Carl Valentin label printers
  • Collamat label applicators
    Collamat label applicators
  • Datalogic laser coders
    Datalogic laser coders
  • RN Mark high-resolution inkjet printers
    RN Mark high-resolution inkjet printers
  • Carl Valentin Dynacode IP thermal transfer coder
    Carl Valentin Dynacode IP thermal transfer coder

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GHS label printing

GHS label printing in-house

Welcome to Martek Industries Ltd

Martek Industries is a specialist supplier of coding and labelling solutions including inkjet printers, labelling systems, thermal transfer coders and laser marking systems. As an independent company Martek is able to supply leading systems from manufacturers across the world including EBS, Carl Valentin, Collamat, Godex, RN Mark, Datalogic and United Barcode Systems (UBS).

Systems range from low-cost desktop label printers to fully automated inline systems incorporating product handling, marking and verification processes.

Customers in a wide range of diverse industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, building materials, chemical and personal care rely on Martek systems 24 hours a day to keep their production lines running at maximum efficiency.

portable ink jet printers

Portable Inkjet Printers

Fully portable inkjet printers for marking porous and non-porous surfaces. Large-character and high-resolution models.

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ink jet printers

Large Character Inkjet Printers

Industrial printers for marking 7 to 115mm high characters onto porous and non-porous surfaces.

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high resolution ink jet printers

High Resolution Inkjet Printers

High definition printers for marking text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes. Print heights up to 140mm.

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continuous ink jet printers

Small Character Inkjet Printers

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers for printing 1.5 to 14mm high text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes onto virtually any surface.

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GHS label printers

2-Colour Label Printers Ideal for GHS Labels

Dual colour thermal transfer label printers. Ideally suited for printing GHS chemical labels, logo labels and UV secruity marks in a single operation.

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collamat label applicators

Collamat Label Applicators

Comprehensive range of label applicators for all budgets and applications. Modular design allows easy adaption for differenct applications.

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print and apply systems

Print-and-Apply Systems

Extensive range of print-and-apply systems including tamp, blow, corner-wrap, wipe and pallet labelling configurations. Low-cost options for low and medium volume applications.

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godex label printers

Godex Label Printers

Label printer range including industrial 4" and 6" wide models and low-cost 2" and 4" wide printers. Stand-alone option for printing without a PC connected.

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valentin label printers

Valentin Label Printers

High-performance label printer range including 4", 6" and 8" wide heavy-duty printers, 2-colour printer, stand-alone printers and 600dpi model.

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RN Mark RNJet Pro inkjet printer

RN Mark High-Resolution Inkjet Printers

Martek has been appointed UK distributor for RN Mark high-resolution inkjet printers. Affordable systems are available up to 53mm height.

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valentin thermal transfer coders

Valentin Thermal Transfer Coders

Online thermal transfer coders for marking flexible packaging. Includes low-cost coders, IP-rated coders and cross-web coders.

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Datalogic laser coders

Datalogic Laser Coders

Laser systems for marking text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes without using inks and solvents. Virtually no running costs and environmental impact.

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nicelabel label design software

NiceLabel Labelling Software

Extensive range of label design and print management software for all brands and models of label and desktop printer.

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labels and thermal transfer ribbons

Labels and Ribbons

Labels are manufactured in house for quick delivery at highly competetive prices using only 'A-Grade' material. A wide range of thermal transfer ribbons are stocked.

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Datalogic Green Lase

Datalogic GREEN-LASE

Green laser coder range suitable for marking thin films without piercing the film. High-speed marking of flexible films with no ink, solvent or ribbon.

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