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Key Features

  • Create custom label applications
  • No programming skills needed
  • Integrate data with production devices
  • Send / receive data from systems
  • Reduce labelling errors
  • Real-time label previewing


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Develop Custom Label Applications Without Programming

PowerForms is a graphical Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment which allows quick creation of windows applications without any knowledge of programming. Productivity can be increased by deploying custom labeling applications with minimal planning and rapid prototyping.


Eliminate Printing Errors

Select the product record, see the label preview, and the printer status, and then print labels. Less manual data entry and better label oversight reduces the risk of label printing errors..

  • Include tight data-entry validation constraints and reduce manual data entryerrors
  • Disable printing when the printer is in error state avoiding label misprints
  • Print preview displays an exact real-time label representation as you key data or select database records


Integrate with Production Systems

Integrate with production devices and software and use data from external sources on labels. Data can also be forwarded to other business systems every time labels are printed. Easily interface with bar code scanners, weight scales, PLCs, label applicators and other devices.

  • Control and monitor the real-time status of production hardware
  • Read and write data to and from other business systems
  • Connect through RS232, TCP/IP, web services, SQL queries and custom scripting


Increase Productivity

Make it easy for operators to do their job correctly. Customise the application to fit business processes and user needs.

  • Preview and print multiple labels from a single form
  • Let the database automatically select label formats for specific records
  • Build re-usable sub-menus that contain work instructions, printer cleaning guides and support tips


Build Applications for Touchscreens

Layout the user interface for keyboard, mouse or touchscreen compatibility.


Reduce Development Costs

PowerForms builds applications faster than programming languages such as C# or VB.NET. This reduces application development costs and time to deployment.

  • Easy drag-and-drop operation lets you build robust applications without coding errors
  • Allow non-programmers to build applications
  • Create label printing, database management and data collection applications

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