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Label Printing Accessories





Godex T10 label rewinder

Godex T10 Label Rewinder

  • Medium capacity label rewinder
  • 120mm maximum label width
  • 200mm maximum roll diameter
  • 300mm/sec maximum rewind speed
  • Coreless rewinding or onto 25, 38 or 76mm cores
  • Inside or outside winding
  • LED status indicators
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RWR label rewinder

RWR / UWR Label Rewinders and Unwinders

  • High capacity label rewinders and unwiinders
  • 140mm and 230mm maximum label width models
  • 300mm maximum roll diameter
  • 415mm/sec maximum rewind speed
  • Adjustable core holder - any size core size from 40 to 110mm
  • Inside or outside winding
  • Rewinder and unwider can be used together for high capacity reel-to-reel printing
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Automatic label dispenser

DWR Automatic Label Dispensers

  • Automatically dispense die cut labels to speed up manual labelling operations
  • 100 and 200mm wide models
  • Label length 15 to 600mm
  • 300mm maximum diameter label rolls
  • Standard and clear label versions
  • Pre-selection counter to allow a pre-determined quantity of labels only to be dispensed
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Manual label guns

Handheld label applicators

  • Handheld label guns for quickly applying die cut self-adhesive labels
  • No slits or registration marks needed
  • 30, 60 and 100mm wide models
  • Label length 20 to 60mm
  • Automatic label length detection
  • Most shaped labels can be used
Handheld barcode reader

Godex GS220 Handheld Barcode Reader

  • Affordable laser barcode reader for 1D barcodes
  • Reads all common linear 1D barcode symbologies
  • Rugged, rubberised contact points
  • Trigger operation with visible scan line and LED read indicator
  • USB and serial models
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Other labelling accessories available from Martek Industries

  • Fixed position barcode readers and bespoke barcode reading systems
  • 2D fixed position and handheld code readers and bespoke reading systems
  • 1D and 2D code verifiers

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