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2610 Label Applicator









Collamat 2610


Key Features

  • 95mm max. label width
  • 15m/min max. line speed
  • +/-1mm accuracy




Low Cost Label Applicator

Many labelling applications simply require consistent, reliable application of labels at low line speeds. The Collamat 2610 is a basic, low-cost applicator designed to meet these reuirements but still boasts the same build-quality and reliability as all other Collamat labellers.
Labels up to 95mm wide including backing paper
250mm label roll diameter
Fixed beak applicator with spring-loaded pinch roller
15m/min maximum line speed
Simple controls for adjusting label sensor sensitivity, speed and predispense position


Due to the modular design, the Collamat 2610 can be easily converted from left to right-hand operation or vice versa allowing it to be converted for use on different applications. The main traction unit and applicator modules are mounted onto a common module rail which is also used to mount the system from any point allowing easy installation in confined spaces.

The 2610 is the basis for the low-cost CP21 LC 'low-cost' semi-automatic wrap-around labeller. For more information click here.

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