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UBS APLINK MR1400 inkjet printer


Key Features

  • 140mm print height
  • Text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes
  • Oil-based ink for minimal maintenance
  • 180 x 180dpi resolution
  • Up to 30m/min printing speed
  • 5.7" built-in colour touch-screen



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Large area high-resolution inkjet printer - 140mm print height

The United Barcode Systems (UBS) APLINK MR1400 system is a high-resolution inkjet printer for printing up to 140mm high text, graphics barcodes and 2D codes onto porous surfaces.

Print resolution is 180 x 180dpi at line speeds up to 30m/min.

Piezoelectric printhead technology is used with oil-based inks for maximum reliability and minimum environmental impact - no solvents or detergents are required

Versions are available with inline printhead (as shown opposite) for printing on the side of products and downward printing head for printing on the top of products.

Software options include UBS Code and Codesoft allowing easy access to external databases and ERP systems. Ethernet, USB and WiFi ports ensure the system can be easily interfaced to host systems and printing automated from external devices.

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