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RN Mark inkjet Printers  

RNJet Pro High-Resolution Inkjet System - 53mm Print Height







RN Mark RNJet Pro inkjet system

RN Mark RNJet Pro


RN Mark RNJet Pro






Industrial non-contact inkjet printer with a single 53mm high printhead. An intuitive, colour touch-screen controller allows messages to be quickly and easily edited. The 110ml ink system uses a clean, quick change cartridge. The printhead can be installed to print in any direction.

  • Porous and non-porous inks in a range of colours
  • 180dpi resolution
  • White and yellow pigmented inks for printing on dark surfaces
  • Text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes
  • Compact design
  • Food grade ink available
  • Low maintenance


Despite the low price of the RN Mark range, the controller provides a comprehensive range of advanced features including:

  • Text from 2 to 53mm high in any point size and font
  • Automatic dates, times and counters
  • Continuous print facility
  • USB interface
  • RS-232 interface for receiving variable data e.g. scales or barcode reader
  • Shaft encoder input for variable speed and start-stop lines
  • Additional printhead port to add a second printhead


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